Whose Fault Is This Website?

chrisI lived in Taiwan for ten years, and the name on my ID is 柯似海 (pronounced kē sì hǎi ). But most people still call me Chris.

I've been in business for nearly 25 years, in one form or another. I managed teams of British construction workers during the rebuilding of post-communist Berlin in the 1990's, sold telecoms services in Australia, and represented a space exploration company in California during the dotcom boom.

I came to Asia to look for opportunities, and found my niche developing "learning by doing" courses for universities, high schools and for-profit education companies. I also organised my own seminars and workshops, hosted a few TEDx events under license from, and became increasingly involved with the startup community there.

In 2013, after a sabbatical, I settled in Sofia, Bulgaria, and love the place. Most of that year was spent working on other people's projects, but now I'm focused on my own projects. Most of my time is spent researching and testing some of the many ideas I have written down over the last few years.

I reject completely the idea that you have to be in your 20's to build a successful business. Many people lose their mojo as they age, but some of us just get crazier and more arrogant as we mature. Maybe we just know more, and have seen enough bullshit fail the test of time, but without losing the ability to connect the dots, so we see further and more clearly than most.

I'm keeping something of a blog, updated sporadically, which you can see below ...