Making video - the best intership in Asia (if not the world!)

I saw an ad for one of these competitions that require you to submit a short video, and it seemed like a great opportunity for Mildka, so spent a pleasant day playing at being a movie director.

And it's a lot more fun being behind the camera than it is trying to be the star of a self-made effortt to engage your audience. I HATE making video of myself. (Although I don't mind recordings of live talks.)

So, the competition was to win a one-month trip around south-east Asia - flights are paid for, accommodation is provided by PandaBed, an Asian startup along the lines of AirBnB. In return, you have to share your trip on social media. They're targetting young, educated, solvent, adventurous Asian travellers, and Mildka is exactly that. So here's our effort ...

(Mildka has her own website and travel blog. If you want to import furniture from Indonesia, she's your girl.)