The Digital Nomad guy

I went to a talk at Betahaus last night on being  digital nomad. As usual at these things, I wondered what the audience was doing there.

The speaker - Eli David, author of a site dedicated to the nomadic lifestyle, founder of an online language learning site, and successful elancer - was not bad. No complaints there, although I guess I've been living like this long enough that I didn't really learn anything.

But the audience ... I guess they were just window-shopping. They didn't seem to be engaged, lots of questions on the theme of "but, what about XYZ, how do you deal with that?" Not a lot of "wow, what do I need to do so I can solve XYZ and ..."

Still, I guess everyone has to start somewhere. Best of luck to them. I just feel an enormous disconnect between myself and "normal" people. It was OK when I was living in Taiwan, surrounded by people who were obviously alien, with a circle of friends that were all weird in one way or another. Now I'm in the real world again, a fish out of water.