Writing up business ideas is hard

My notebook (paper variety) contains about fifty notes to myself about ideas for business opportunities. I'm busy trying to turn them into "proposals".

Maybe proposals are not really the right word, but you can't say to yourself (or anyone else) "hey, let's build XYZ and make millions from it" until you've thought it through a bit more thoroughly. After all, most new businesses fail - which means they weren't such a great idea in the first place. And while you're busy with one thing, you're not working on the other ones. And any one of them might be a better idea than this one.

So how do you choose the right one?

I'm using the lean canvas format, a bunch of questions designed to tell help you figure out what you have to do next. If you answer the questions and don't get a clear sense of what your priorities are, or the answers are not encouraging, then there's no point in continuing with that one when you have better alternatives. And the process of answering the questions is useful, it makes you face truths you might not like. After all, the biggest commonest mistake entrepreneurs make is to fall in love with their own ideas and not acknowledge the flaws in them. I really don't want to do that again!

So, after a looong few weeks, I now have 25 ideas written up and a big pile of notes with lines drawn across them - the ideas that didn't pass this first test.

Of the remainder, quite a few are obviously flawed or incomplete. But I'll put them out there anyway. I'm sending the whole list to my friends and asking for them to tell me which ones they like. I might not go with the majority, but it's always good to get feedback!