Need routine, habits, discipline

I am sooooo lazy! Last week I started hating myself for being such a slug. Woke up yesterday with tons more energy and enthusiasm and want to maintain that momentum. Today I spent an hour in the park, using the exercise machines. Feeling great! How do I keep this up?

I have read a hundred times that people need routine, to get into the habit of doing the things they need to do, so that they don't think about whether to do them.

Put simply "the hardest part of going for a run is putting your shoes on." If getting started is just something you always do, then you carry on and finish things.

So I'm looking for ways to develop good habits, and I think the first thing is to actually decide what those habits should be.

I feel pretty good about waking up early today and exercising in the park. Now I notice there's nothing for breakfast and I'm hungry. But if I go to the shop to buy something, I won't be working. So I need to get that fixed.

Aaaaand, I turned Leechblock back on so that I can't waste time on Facebook. I've also managed to not read any emails. Do your own stuff before you let anyone distract you, that seems like a good rule.

I'll think of others in the coming days, and post them here. Daily articles are another habit to cultivate!

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