Too many ideas!

Since getting back to Bulgaria, I have been busy writing up all my unexplored business ideas so I can decide which ones to follow-up on. I've used the Lean Canvas questions to help me decide whether to even publish them, and some didn't pass that first test. But I just passed 20 published for discussion and still more to go!

This is really hard work. A few lines scribbled in a notebook result in an hour or two of hard thinking, and a few hundred words. Sometimes I just have to admit I can't answer a question, sometimes I just throw the idea away because it's not even a tenth as good as I thought it was. And some are looking more and more interesting!

I'm managing to post 3-4 per day, now that I'm at full speed, but I'm exhausted and someone reminded me I promised I would go to the beach this summer as well.

Taking a few days off to go to Greece and play!

Take a look at the list and let me know your thoughts -