Getting Lazy

I need more discipline. It's too easy to be lazy here. Must admit I'm loving it, but hating myself for not working hard enough.

hotelbali01-smallI wake up early, seven-ish most days, and wander down from my beautiful secluded room through the flowers and trees to the restaurant by the beach for breakfast. Lots of fruit, toast, tea, the sound of surf, good company, pretty waitresses to flirt with, it's really too good to be true.

Then a swim! The beach is very long, and clean, with some light surf at the shore and a gentle swell further out. And sunshine, oh my dog, the sunshine.

By 9:30, I'm hiding in the shade again - my days of intense sunbathing are long gone - and we sit around chatting for an hour or two more then back to the room to "work". Except I never seem to get anything done. Facebook, a couple of emails, read the news, and it's lunch time.

By this time, it's burning hot and the lethargy sets in. It takes a couple of hours just to walk down the road to our fave place, get served, stare at the waves, and so on. On a good day, I'll stay awake and sit by the beach chatting. On a lazy day, I need to go back to the room for a nap.

And then it's beach time again. I am trying to push myself to swim further each day, and playing with my poi. (ie hitting myself with them, again and again, but not noticeably improving.) So, an hour or two in the late afternoon sun with breaks to drink more iced tea or get wet, and then home to shower before dinner.

The food is incidentally better here than anywhere else I've been in Indonesia. I could eat five times a day, and the staff at our favourite place are pretty good and very friendly. Eating can be a nightmare in this country sometimes, but here it's a pleasure that lasts for hours.

So then we sit there in the starlight with the sand at our feet and the little waves breaking a stone's throw away, and suddenly it's bed-time.

Really pushing myself today to get something done! Sitting on my balcony in a sarong, laptop on my lap, birds singing, the scent of the flowers, someone else cleaning my room for me, and a 'to do' list that's longer than my arm. Please pity me!