This is more like it!

Arrived in Amed yesterday, at the remotest end of Bali, visiting some entrepreneur stuff along the way. Must say, I was impressed with Startup Getaway and Hubud, and liking Amed a lot so far.

Startup Getaway is a program to bring foreign entrepreneurs to retreat from the real world and do their development in Bali. They provide accommodation, all meals, some programmed activites to keep you fit, healthy and sane. And the emphasis is on getting shit done with nothing to distract you. They're not even close to a bar.

The place is very well put together, and I liked it a lot. Only question is "where is everyone?" The managing partner was there to show us around, working Sunday just like all real entrepreneurs do, but I saw no sign of anyone else. As with everything in the startup world, it's impossible to know what the truth as and you need to be on the lookout for bulshit.

Hubud is a co-working space in Ubud, and we had a poke around. We saw several people apparently working, and a conference in progress. It did seem that someone was trying to get shit done on a Sunday. Hurrah!

Both places seemed quite pricey. Compared to Startup Getaway, our hotel here at the beach is cheaper and just as quiet and comfortable. Do I need the company of my peers enough to justify spending more? And Hubud immediately turned me off when I saw the note on their price list that Indonesians are automatically bumped up one level of service from the one they pay for.

This is bullshit. I'm not running a charity, and see no reason to subsidise someone else's business. I'm not here to create jobs, I'm here to create a business, and at these prices, Bali is more expensive and less attractive than Bulgaria. Minimum wage, food costs, and accommodation are all less expensive in Bulgaria, I kid you not.

If only Sofia was by the sea! I had a lovely swim this morning and don't regret being here at all.