The beach is calling

A pleasant enough few days, and even made it to the beach a couple of times, but I'm restless and dis-satisfied still. It doesn't help that I bought a new copy of The 4-hr Workweek and keep seeing the phrase "lifestyle design."

I'm managing to do my 4-5hrs a day of work, but it's a struggle to get to the beach. Fought the traffic a few days ago to find myself on a stretch of overcrowded sand with too many hawkers, too close to sunset. I'm still a pastey white colour, it wasn't a good place to swim, and, well, meah.

Tried again today, and motored out to Cangur. The beach was not bad, once you get past the crowds of Indonesians on their mission to bury it in discarded plastic wrappers and bottles, but again too late in the day and no good for swimming. And what a mission to get there. I need to be within walking (strolling) distance of somewhere clean, quiet and good for swimming.