Someone missed the point

So after spending a lot of money and several days to get documents together, we submitted my gf's application for a Schengen visa this morning. And someone nearly got into a fight.

Where I come from, we pay taxes and elect people who are then paid to work for us. It doesn't always work out quite like that, but at least it's OK to insist that government people do things by the book - and to be pissed off at them when they act like arseholes.

And I believe that if a western liberal government hires someone to handle visa applications, they should do that to a western liberal standard - or at least do it by the book.

In Indonesia, a government job is seen as a passport to prestige and "tips" which enable you to get rich. You have the power, and everyone is expected to kiss your butt. I don't like this system, and don't think that visa applications for Europe should be processed according to Indonesian standards.

So, to the guy at the Netherlands Consulate in Denpasar, I say this: "I am entitled to be annoyed because you introduced new requirements that are not listed on the official website, and when you interview visa applicants, you are not supposed to tell them that you don't like me because I 'insulted' you by pointing out that you're supposed to follow the rules. I don't care about your delicate sensibilities, and you are totally and utterly wrong in saying that I should treat you with more respect because I'm in your country. You are representing a western nation, and you are being paid to behave in a profesisonal and fair manner, not to let your own personality problems get in the way."

Of course, I can't say that to his face until after the visa has been issued. But I will be contacting his employers after the paperwork is done. Wanker.