Back In Bali – With A Plan

It looks like we'll be here 2-3 weeks while my girlfriend obtains a Schengen Visa. Then the intention is to head back to Sofia, Bulgaria, and send three months validating business ideas.


I just counted, and I have (currently) thirty six different business ideas listed in my little black book. They range from simple apps to systemic change against the will of government, and some are obviously beyond my capacity at the moment. Or maybe not, you never know until you look in detail.

And good ideas that sound easy may be not worth the time, when you stop to think about them and do a bit of basic research.

I will try and go through the list while in Bali, and run each one through the lean canvas treatment. In a couple of weeks, I'll have a list of stuff to show my friends and ask for feedback. And based on that, I'll pick a few to try and validate over the summer.

Starting a new regime today – four hours of work per day (a hundred hours a month), and the rest given over to exercise and fun.