Back to Plan A

Someone at work had a temper tantrum today, and I was reminded of something very important: I want more out of life than this!


You need the job, so you put up with no end of disappointments and frustrations. As you get used to it, you accept more and more, until life becomes a succession of “eat shit and die” experiences.

Or you turn around and say “this is not what I'm here for.” I signed up to do a job in order to reach my own financial goals. I didn't sign up to deal with other people's personality problems. I don't care how much you pay me to do it, the only time I'll try to be understanding and accommodating is if I'm super-committed to whatever it is we're trying to achieve – ie a project I've bought into.

This is not that project. And I've reached my original financial goal too. I fly on Saturday, no more discussions!