If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

Sigh. Saturday evening, and too much talking. Initially, the whole team bought into a pretty simple concept. But instead of doing anything with it, most of the time since then has been spent talking about it. With mentors.


Too much mentoring. Every mentor has a different opinion, every team member is going to keep talking to mentors until they find one with an opinion they like. Meanwhile, nothing is being done. I think the talk is cover for the fact that nobody really knows how to do anything.

I could have built a basic site by now, but I'm tasked with preparing for tomorrow's presentation. Easy job for me, but only if we have agreement about what we're doing and have some results to show. Every time I talk to anyone, I find that the concept has changed again.

Now we're selling business ideas, something that has been tried a hundred times before. I'm really frustrated. Why can't we keep it simple?