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chrisDisclaimer: I built this site because I needed a place to keep my ideas, and because everybody expects me to have one. I still don't know what else it's for, but most of us are still figuring out what the internet is for anyway. I write things that seem to be worth mentioning, observations about things I notice and people who stand out. They're not intended to be definitive, complete, or even particularly accurate. So relax, poke around and see if you can find anything interesting.

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Entrepreneurship is art, driven by passion, and succeeds when you create something that touches people so that they share it with others. You see something worth doing doing something about. You create something. And if you're successful, people buy into it. That's all.

The myth of crowdfunding

200-indiegogoIf you're an entrepreneur, even a wantrepreneur, chances are someone has told you at some point to "do a kickstarter." I hear this so often that if each of those people had just contributed $20 to my cause, I wouldn't have to raise funds at all.

I have tried crowd-funding a couple of times, and am about to make my third attempt, so it's worth taking a look at this whole business - starting with the observation that none of those helpful people telling me how to raise money has ever actually done it.

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We don't have that kind of thinking here

Fairtrade-logoI had an unbelievable conversation recently with someone in an organisation that teaches people to become entrepreneurs. At least, that's what they claim. But they seem to have missed the main point, and I don't have any more patience to be nice to people who talk the talk but are just playing.

So here's the message, as clear as I can make it:

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The edge of glory

200Lady-Gaga"You laugh at me because I am different, and I laugh at you because you are all the same" - Lady Gaga

Here's a great role model for any aspiring tech founder! As I've said before, it's not enough to simply be a genius, you have to get your amazingness into the public conscious if you want to be successful. Without an effective strategy of awesomeness and being-talked-about, you're a nobody. If you don't stand out in the crowd of wannabes, you're not going to be noticed. If you don't believe in yourself, big time, why should anyone else?

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Elevator tweets and other nonsense

young-bill-gatesImagine it's 1977, nobody owns a computer, nobody needs software, and the people who do all share it with one another. You have 30 seconds, or one tweet, to sell me on the idea that the next big thing to invest in is computer software.

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The worst investment you could make

150-4hww coverFor many people, the life I live is fascinating. I travel the world, enjoy my work but don't do too much of it, and have amazing adventures in places that others only dream of going to. I'm healthy, energetic, usually cheerful, and have a lot of insights that they want to share. My public persona (which is not completely accurate) is the person that many people want to be, and they like to live vicariously through me.

So naturally, it's not unusal to hear people tell me I should write a book.

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